Become a MedAX Partner. Now…

You can inject efficiency and automation into your Hospital / Clinic clients; medical, operational and financial processes with MedAX a Hospital Information System (HIS) fully developed in and for Dynamics 365.Single solution for all (Medical & Business) operations.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why joining the MedAX Partner Network could be the best business decision you ever make.

MedAX is;

  • Implementable
  • Scalable
  • Technologically up-to-date (On-Prem or Cloud)
  • Multi (regional, currency, language)

Your success is our goal and we’re here to help you achieve it

MedAX Partnership Process

  1. e-mail / Linkedin / Phone conversation
  2. MS Teams (Skype) Meeting 
  3. Partner Presentation & Mini Survey
  4. NDA
  5. Value Proposition Details (Pricing, Margins, References, etc.)
  6. MedAX Functions Details + Roadmap
  7. Partner Demo
  8. Partnership Agreement
  9. Marketing & Sales Efforts
  10. Customer Presentation & Demo (Remote & On-Site)
  11. Customer Contract (Remote / On-Site)
  12. Trainings (Remote & On-Site)
  13. First Project (On-Site & Remote)
  14. Support (Remote)

Let’s do this..!

When you join the MedAX Partner Network, you become part of a global solution that connects you to the Microsoft relationships, insights, tools, resources, and programs you need to amaze your customers and drive growth.