Must see Webinar

When: March 5th, 2020 at 02:00 PM (Eastern)
Where: Online. Attend from anywhere.
Registration: This is the link to register –


We put together a panel of experts in digital transformation; cyber security, workflow engine based digitization, cloud technology and more will be presented to you during this executive webinar. Some of the panelists are as follows:

1. Joel Halvorson of Quintel Management Consulting on workflow engine technology and paperless work environment.
2. Chris Coluccio of Techworks Consulting, Inc. on fundamentals of cyber security
3. Umut Altinay, MBA of ETG Consulting on Microsoft technologies on digital transformation
4. Roger Hoyte of Integrated Data Technologies on Cloud Technology.

Moderated by Kursad Devecioglu, MSc of Bimser International Corporation

Registration: This is the link to register –