Thank you for joining Manufacturing Committee meeting of HIA-LI at in Melville, New York on December 13th.

December 2019 Committee meeting with co-chair Ron Loveland of Summit Safety & Efficiency Solutions and Kevin Deveci of Bimser International. 

Panelists for sharing educational and informative presentations for manufacturers and for professionals as follows:

* Jill Scher and Diane Giordano of Marcum LLP on taxation and accounting. Do you know you can get a tax credit for your R&D investments in manufacturing in New York State?

* Alex Kwartiroff, PMP of AmRus Consulting on ISO 9001 and AS9100 compliance. Do you know ISO 9001 compliance can help you increase sales?

* Umut Altinay, MBA of ETG Consulting on Intelligent manufacturing. Do you know Microsoft has intelligent manufacturing concept for manufacturers to benefit from technology?

* Chris Coluccio of Techworks Consulting, Inc. on Cyber Security. Do you know Cyber Security is not only about technology?

As ETG Consulting we are committed to support manufacturing industry in Long Island, New York area and anywhere in U.S.